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  • If you are using multiple tools you are wasting time and money.
    • You need a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH for your operations.
    • You will find most of the tools you need to operate your business here.
    • Ready to be used in just one workspace!
  • You pay once and use it forever!
    • You don't have to worry about adding another recurrent expense or subscription.

+100 business already scaling their operations using the Business OS.

"Business OS is the best way to manage your company. It consolidates your business into one place, helping you to make better-informed decisions"

What's in the Business OS

Order Manager ($49)

Finance Dashboard ($49)

Content Strategy Dashboard ($49)

OKR Dashboard ($29)


✅ Meeting Notes ($19)

✅ Knowledge Base ($49)

✅ Project Management Board ($49)

✅ Subscriptions Tracker ($19)

✅ Contract Template Generator ($19)

The value of everything in this workspace adds up to $300 in total.

Grab it for a $85 one-time payment

More Positive Reviews

Awesome! Way to go mate. Keep Growing!
- Nandu Ashok

Thank you so much for it. I got it and also rated it 5 stars for the great product!
- Phan Vu Hoang

My name is Adriana and I would like to start off by thanking you for your wonderful template.
- Adriana Contreras

Questions + Answers

Who, specifically, is this operating system for?

If you own a business that is growing, and you are trying to use Notion to do it, this operating system is for you.

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

My name is Vic Montano. I started selling Notion Templates alone → 0 co-founders, 0 investors & 0 full-time employees.

Then I built this Business OS for me!

Fast forward, I have +8k customers, +5K weekly readers on my newsletter and I am a Certified Notion Creator!

Ok. Got it. This must be expensive right?

No. It's $85.

Ok, but still...Is it worth $85?

I spent 100+ hours working on this, so you don't have to.

You'll get instant access to the operating system to help you optimize your business.

Each section is based on extensive research with many entrepreneurs, so you will find all the tools you need to manage your business.

What if it does not work for me and I already paid?

If the Operating System does not work for your business, you have 30 days to request a refund with no questions asked.

Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. You can use it as long as you'd like with no extra payment.

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

Can I share the tool?

You can use it for any number of projects and add your team members, as long as you are using it only in your business.

If you like the OS and want to recommend it to another business, join our affiliate program and earn 50% on every sale you send our way!

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Imagination Lab's Manifesto

Our Bold Vision for Business Freedom and Efficiency

We believe in a world where businesses thrive through innovation, efficiency, and freedom. A world where the drudgery of the office is a relic of the past, where every mundane task is automated, and where a single, powerful tool—Notion—unifies all operations.

Remote Work is the Future. The traditional office is a dinosaur, stifling creativity and wasting resources. True freedom and efficiency come from remote work. Businesses that fail to adapt are destined for extinction.

Automation Over Everything. We champion a future where every repetitive task is handled by automation. Let humans focus on what truly matters—creativity, strategy, and growth. Embrace AI as your workforce, not just a tool.

Notion is the One-Stop Solution. Forget the clutter of multiple project management tools. Notion is the key to streamlined, efficient operations. Invest in the best, and simplify your processes.

We stand unapologetically for these truths. If you believe in freedom, efficiency, and the power of innovation, join us. If not, step aside.

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Business OS

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Business OS | Notion Workspace

79 ratings
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